About Us

Who We Are


Mobiliquids bar service offers lifestyle more than service providing. In times of good life, and excitement in today’s entertainment our services are creative, fun, reinforce responsibility, and sustain lifelong magnetism in South African events. We provide unique bar services in the world of social events known to mankind, pushing the boundaries of success and new trends perfecting celebrations.


To empower and enhance services in the market, and promote social cohesion and people dynamics. To tailor the bar service that suit your event or party comes from professional integrity. Any client is different and the service Mobiliquids offers is customized. The service provided is the story to a happy ending people share amongst one another. The passion and patience of our profession is what makes us one of a kind.

“When you invest in Mobiliquids mobile bar services, we guarantee to be the center of Energy buzz, we cater free-pre shooters for our clients, and offer free event photos to support the unforgettable experience”

Our vision: A society where Mobiliquids is a social premium entertainment home for South Africans and pure class. The world of new trends, elegant living, and social reinforcement implemented accordingly.